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About Donna

Donna was born in Leeds in 1968 where she continues to live and work, squirrelling away in her 300yr old cottage on the rural outskirts, surrounded by her loyal dogs and crazy chickens.

Donna began writing after a successful career in graphic design and print. She swapped her heavy briefcase and power suits in favour of a laptop and a thesaurus and now happily taps away at her keyboard both indoors and outdoors inspired by the nature that surrounds her. When she's not writing she enjoys walking her dogs, catching up with her friends or a cosy night in with her feet up.

Her literary inspirations are quite varied but some of her favourites are Wilbur Smith, Marian Keyes and William Shakespeare.

A passionate animal lover, vegetarian and keen marine conservation campaigner Donna tries to raise awareness whenever possible about the plight of our oceans and the precious life within it.

Donna is a director/producer of the Lotherton Youth Players at Lotherton Hall, where she also regularly holds children's creative writing workshops.
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