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Snap Out of It
"This book certainly delivers. It carefully navigates the struggles of the two main characters in a most powerful and thought provoking way, sensitively tackling many of the difficulties surrounding Mental Health, Sexuality and Identity in teenagers today. Highly recommended". - Men Get Eating Disorders Too (

The Candlelighters Cottage
"A brick is just a building block, it’s nothing on its own
But when it’s joined by thousands more, it turns into a home
And building strong foundations is what Candlelighters do
With little twists of magic and a round of robins too!"

This delightful and enchanting book, written in rhyming couplets, tells  the story of how the Candlelighters Cottage magically comes to life with  the help of our feathered friends.

The Squizzle
“The book is fantastically creative and imaginative, whilst the verse is impressively constructed”… Barney Goodland, Magic Light Pictures – The Gruffallo Movie
£ 5.99
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